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Our birth story

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making parents ~ strong, competent, capable parents who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
Barbara Katz Rothman


Flagstaff Doulas was born out of the need to create a positive and supportive community for families in and around Flagstaff, Arizona.  Owner Kristen Pearson started Flagstaff Doulas after adopting two children, birthing a homegrown one and realizing we all needed more options for education, support and community in pregnancy, labor and early parenting.  Combining years of experience supporting and nurturing parents and their newborns, our team of doulas offer the most comprehensive and professional birth support  

Why Flagstaff Doulas? 

We offer gentle guidance and nurturing that eases the minds of new parents, who are faced with many decisions before, during, and after birth. Flagstaff Doulas strives to be a collaborative part of your birth care team, never replacing your partner, family or care provider; but adding an additional level of support for you when you need it the most.

Flagstaff Doulas clients feel cared for, valued, heard, and most importantly, bonded as a family, as you navigate through the tender moments of pregnancy, labor and early parenthood. 


We offer: 

Birth Doula support

Postpartum Doula support

Group Childbirth classes or private classes with people who want to learn how to have a empowering and satisfying birth experience. 

Placenta services including encapsulation, prints and tinctures

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

Chiropractic evaluations and adjustments

Yoga classes


Prenatal, Postpartum and Dads meetup groups


We offer free interviews if you have questions and want to talk to us about doula support.

Wondering about other couples' experiences working with us?  Check out their testimonials below.

What people say

    "We are so grateful we opted to take the Bradley Method Class!  The information and practice we received during the classes, as well as the encouragement from Kristen and being with other expectant couples truly made the difference for us.  My husband and I felt well-equipped to make decisions before, during and after the healthy home birth of our first child.  We would choose this route again and certainly recommend it to anyone."

-April and Tyler


     "Kristen was an amazing supportive addition to our birth plan.  We looked forward to class every week and really enjoyed Kristen's insight and personal birth story.  If it wasn't for the Bradley classes and Kristen's topnotch teaching we would not have been prepared for what happened.   My labor came on very strong at 1130pm  and my baby arrived by 0455am.  My transistional labor seemed to last forever and it was terrible.  BUT we made it through because we were educated and had a firm understanding of what was happening which was a HUGE help in getting us through.  I think so many moms and couples just don't know what's happening and it makes it much more scarey than it is.  Also, I think it makes it that much easier to let other people make decisions for you.  Kristen gave us the power in our birth because we were educated in the process and confident in the body to do what it was designed for.  In the end I must say what we learned in this classs was essential to our successful home birth.  I also feel that if we had had to transfer to the hospital we would have been able to continue to advocate for us and the baby.  KNOWLEGE IS POWER and the Bradley class gave us POWER and CONFIDENCE."

-Brittany and Kory


     "We are so grateful to Kristen for helping us bring our baby girl into the world. Kristen was amazing in her dedication and ability to anticipate our needs. We planned a home birth but ended up in the hospital and having Kristen with us made all the difference in the world. Her presence is calm, reassuring, and steady. She had great suggestions and ideas during tough moments, and she looked out for both of us, keeping us fed and supporting us through nearly 40 hours of labor (which happened to be over Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning). Massaging my feet and legs, helping me focus, allowing my husband to get some much needed rest, and offering every sort of physical, mental, and emotional support- Kristen's presence was absolutely invaluable."

-Clare and Cody

We heard good things about the Bradly method classes and Kristen Pearson was recommended to us.  And so we signed up.  Like every class, subject matter is important, but even more important is the way it is presented.  So how do you teach a subject that is deeply personal, sometimes scary, and overwhelmingly exciting? Well, there is no one answer, but the knowledge, experience and personality of the teacher is paramount. From the start, Kristen made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She was professional in her presentation of the material, clearly and concisely covering all topics, but also created creative space for the class to positively interact through the sharing of stories, feelings and opinions.  Kristen created an empowering platform for us to communicate with each other and discuss everything related to child birth and parenting. We would recommend Kristen and this class to anyone expecting a baby!

-Jamie and Rylan



Interested in meeting the doulas?  Come to our Virtual meet a doula event September 30th 530-630  Read more here

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