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Ashley Atkisson Postpartum Doula  with Childbirth International (CBI). 

After her own struggles during the postpartum period she wanted to help provide the practical and emotional support so vital to new mothers and families. By being a judgement free sounding board, a willing set of extra hands and an advocate for families as they navigate the early days of parenthood. 

Ashley is a wife and mother of two. When she isn't supporting families she is home, reading, gardening, enjoying a good cup of coffee, or hiking with her family.

Denice Arnett Postpartum Doula trained DONA, CAPPA and Certified Full Spectrum Doula with Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings.  


Denice is an Arizona native, mother, lover of outdoors and gifted photographer. Denice began her birth work journey in 2012 shortly after her first born child. She finds her purpose in educating, supporting and advocating for families throughout the full spectrum of birth with a focus on Postpartum. When she's not supporting families you may find her hiking, biking, spending time with her family and capturing beautiful moments in birth, maternity and lifestyle photography. She also works at the front office at Mountain Medicine Integrative Wellness Center.

Elizabeth Aldrich Birth Doula through DONA International and a Board Certified Massage Therapist with specialized training in Aromatherapy


While her husband was serving in the Navy, Elizabeth found a passion in empowering women with their health and wellness. It began in 2007 when she graduated from Massage therapy school. That eventually evolved into aromatherapy and then doula services.  


As a doula, her goal is to help support the whole family through education along with physical and emotional support, so the family can advocate for themselves with confidence. She has advanced training in perinatal and therapeutic massage modalities, infant massage as well as specialized training in essential oil application and education.  During Elizabeth’s free time she loves the outdoors, playing board games with her family, experimenting with new recipes and crafting.

Betsy Decker Birth Doula is a DONA International trained doula and a prenatal,postpartum and pediatric chiropractor. 

Betsy blends the information from her two fields of training to provide the most comprehensive support for laboring families.  She loves providing reassurance, encouragement and comfort during prenatal visits, birth and postpartum

Sarah Crouch Birth Doula through the International Doula Institute.  


I'm Sarah, a birth doula certified through the International Doula Institute. I approach my work from a very unique background as a professional Marathon runner and long-distance running coach. My educational background is in Sports Psychology, and I’ve spent the past ten years studying and learning from the human body’s response to prolonged challenge and effort. During those long, hard miles I’ve explored how our bodies and minds perceive and experience pain, and how to rewire that experience into a positive, empowering outcome! I've found a great translation from athletics to birth work as I guide women through the incredible marathon that is childbirth and help them to cross that finish line with a sense of accomplishment and joy that should be part of every woman’s birth experience. I’ve always had a passion for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth and I firmly believe that every expectant mother deserves a caring advocate that will do their utmost to make her birth wishes come true. While I offer many comfort measures for labor and delivery, I believe my most important tools are my heart and my hands as I guide, encourage and uplift.

Teaghan Haviland Birth Doula is a DONA international certified doula.

Teaghan is a Flagstaff local, attending FALA and NAU. They are a DONA International doula and has attended hospital and birth center births. They are passionate about helping birthing people make informed choices regarding their birth experience and documenting their journeys from pregnancy announcements to maternity sessions to birth, newborn photography and breastfeeding sessions. 

When they are not supporting birthing families, Teaghan spends time with there partner and 2 kids in downtown Flagstaff, at home, and at the local dance studio where they teach littles and rehearses with a Modern Dance company. Some of there favorite things: The Birth Hour podcast, Grey’s Anatomy, green tea ice cream, and walks at Buffalo Park.

Maggie  Murray Birth Doula is a DONA International trained doula and Myofascial Therapist.

Maggie was born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ and after 20 years of training and teaching dance she made her way into Myofascial Release Therapy and energy work. She works with clients for a multitude of reasons, however through the years she has become very passionate about working with people pre and post-natal. One of the many specialties she has is working with the pelvis and the effect birth can have on it. 


Since spending time with clients after birth she developed a curiosity for what the body does to prepare, endure and recover from birth and was inspired to become a birth doula. Maggie strives to create an empowering, loving and positive experience for every family she works with.


Her background in touch and energy work provides her the skill-sets to support the birthing person through labor with relaxation techniques and more. She loves to support education about physiological birth and will work with any goal the family has in mind for their birth experience. Her hope is to have the families heading home with their newest loved one feeling empowered, strong and proud of what they accomplished.

Kristen Pearson Birth Doula is a DONA international certified doula, IPPA trained Placenta Specialist and a Bradley Method Childbirth Educator

She supports families to help them have positive, empowering birthing experiences in the home, birth center or hospital. Kristen is a trained and experienced Bradley Method Childbirth Educator.  She also is a trained Placenta Specialist, offering placenta prints, tinctures and encapsulation. 

Her advanced trainings include, Holding Space for Pregnancy and Loss and Spinning Babies techniques.


She brings a calming spirit to her clients while helping them navigate through pregnancy, birth, and their early days as new parents. She has experience with couples, single parents, advanced maternal age, IVF, multiples, supporting adoptive families, and VBAC births.  She loves running, climbing, spending time with her friends and family and alone time in the outdoors. 

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