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Ashley Atkisson Postpartum Doula  with Childbirth International (CBI). 

After her own struggles during the postpartum period she wanted to help provide the practical and emotional support so vital to new mothers and families. By being a judgement free sounding board, a willing set of extra hands and an advocate for families as they navigate the early days of parenthood. 

Ashley is a wife and mother of two. When she isn't supporting families she is home, reading, gardening, enjoying a good cup of coffee, or hiking with her family.


Anya AskewBirth Doula through DONA International
Anya moved to Flagstaff in 2003, going to NAU for interior design. After that, she found herself drawn to alternative health and worked in the supplements industry for 11 years. She is the mom of four fantastic kiddos and had all four of her babies at home with midwives in a birthing tub. Her birth experiences inspired her to become a doula so that she can help women have the nurturing support they need during pregnancy and labor, as she had with hers. She is passionate about women’s health, alternative medicine, and empowering women in their health choices. 

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Elizabeth Aldrich Birth Doula through DONA International and a Board Certified Massage Therapist with specialized training in Aromatherapy


While her husband was serving in the Navy, Elizabeth found a passion in empowering women with their health and wellness. It began in 2007 when she graduated from Massage therapy school. That eventually evolved into aromatherapy and then doula services.  


As a doula, her goal is to help support the whole family through education along with physical and emotional support, so the family can advocate for themselves with confidence. She has advanced training in perinatal and therapeutic massage modalities, infant massage as well as specialized training in essential oil application and education.  During Elizabeth’s free time she loves the outdoors, playing board games with her family, experimenting with new recipes and crafting.

Jennifer Field Burgoon Postpartum Doula through DONA International.


Jen has a passion for helping others, especially new parents that are trying to make sense of it all.  She has an empathic and calm personality and feels that helping families after the birth of their baby is an essential time for care.  Jen wants to provide a family the love and support that she felt like she needed when she had her daughters.  When she is not supporting families, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, camping and hiking with their dogs.  


Betsy Decker Birth Doula through DONA International and a prenatal, postpartum and pediatric chiropractor. 

Betsy blends the information from her two fields of training to provide the most comprehensive support for laboring families.  She loves providing reassurance, encouragement and comfort during prenatal visits, birth and postpartum


Kristen Pearson Birth Doula is a DONA International certified doula, IPPA trained Placenta Specialist and Childbirth Educator

She supports families to help them have positive, empowering birthing experiences in the home, birth center or hospital. Kristen is a trained and experienced Bradley Method Childbirth Educator.  She also is a trained Placenta Specialist, offering placenta prints, tinctures and encapsulation. 

Her advanced trainings include, Holding Space for Pregnancy and Loss and Spinning Babies Parent Educator and Spinning Babies Workshops.


She brings a calming spirit to her clients while helping them navigate through pregnancy, birth, and their early days as new parents. She has experience with couples, single parents, advanced maternal age, IVF, multiples, supporting adoptive families, and VBAC births.  She loves running, climbing, spending time with her friends and family and alone time in the outdoors. 

Paige Smyth Postpartum Doula through DONA International.

Paige supports families as they birth and transition into parenthood. She believes this transition is easiest and most fulfilling when birthing people and their families are provided the physical, emotional, and practical support they need to confidently navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.


She supports all family structures, identities, and birth choice. Paige particularly loves caring for new parents and their growing families during those special weeks following the birth of a baby. She’s happiest cooking, nurturing, and making connections. When she’s not doing that, you’ll find Paige hiking in and around Flag with her friends and family or making art with her three kids. 

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