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Placenta Encapsulation


Your placenta is the amazing organ that protected, supported and nourished your baby in the womb.  It has done such an incredible job of helping grow your child and afterwards it can continue its job by supporting the mother.  In many other cultures, the placenta is given much respect and honored in a variety of ways.  Some cultures have long traditions of utilizing the placenta medicinally to restore the health and vitality of the mother and to calm and balance the child.  


Flagstaff Doulas uses the Basic Heated Method of taking fresh raw placenta, and gently steaming, dehydrating, grinding, and placing the placenta powder into consumable capsules.  

Some benefits that have been reported include: supporting lactation, enhancing ability to manage pain, replenishing B vitamins, stabilizing hormones during the postpartum period, decreasing risk of postpartum depression, increasing energy and supporting the immune system.  

Its easy for you, we pick up your placenta at your birth place and return your products to your home.  

We also offer placenta tinctures. and prints.


Making a tincture involves taking a small piece of raw placenta and soaking it in alcohol for 6 weeks.  After 6 weeks the placenta is strained from the liquid and left is a potent tincture that can be used for stabilizing emotions, treating pms and menopause.  The benefits of a tincture are that you can have both, capsules and tincture with the tincture lasting longer than the capsules.  

Prints are beautiful art made with your placenta using food safe dyes.  It is a long lasting memory of this beautiful life source for your baby. 



                                      Placenta Encapsulation  300.00

                                      Placenta Tinctures  50.00

                                      Placenta Prints 75.00

                                     If you'd like to learn more about placenta encapsulation                                             services please call or text us


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