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Childbirth Education Classes

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Thu, Aug 13
Zoom Live
Bradley Method Preparing for Birth
A 10 week class. 2 hours per class. $300-COVID SALE $150.00 A Comprehensive 10 week birth class to prepare you for a positive, empowered birth.
Sun, Aug 23
Zoom live
Preparing for Birth short course.
3 week class. 2 hours per class. $60 A short course to prepare you for labor and birth in a hospital setting.  Prepares you with tools to have a positive birth experience.  You will learn what to expect in the hospital setting, comfort measures, birth plan prep and how to advocate for yourself.  
Time is TBD
Zoom live
Birth Support Boot Camp
2 week class, 1 hour per class. $60.00 A quick class to help support people feel confident in their role.  Learn tools to help manage discomfort, stress and fear and allow birth to progress.  Learn tips on what to do and say and how to keep yourself energized and positive.  

Interested in meeting the doulas?  Come to our Virtual meet a doula event August 13th 530-630  Read more here

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